• Cascade system

    Maintenance certification Cascade system

    The Cascade Systems Control groups together maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, adjustment, overhaul, control and verification of compressors, liner, cylinder, rack, flexible, and pressure reducers. Beyond regulatory standards, a properly maintained respirator can save lives and property. The devices must be cleaned and maintained only with suitable products so as not to disturb their operation. Cascading systems are subject to annual verification Equipped with test device, air compressor with air quality controlled online, and test bench, but also approved by ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV GL, Lloyds Register our technicians perform their tasks according to the standards and in accordance with IMO and SOLAS requirements.
  • Crane inspection

    Maintenance certification Load Test

    SEAS is authorized to carry out the annual and five-year certification of all brands of offshore cranes and davits. The company offers maintenance services for lifting equipment in partnership with the company FOSELEV, a recognized player in this field.
    • Approved SEAS speakers CRALOG Academy (Denmark)
    • Standards and reference: IMO and SOLAS
    • Approved: ILO 152, ABS and Bureau VERITAS
    • Load tests: Water Bag and Peson.
  • Davits & Hooks

    Maintenance Certification Crane and Lifting

    SEAS provides Davits & Hooks davits, hooks and cranes with annual and five-year certifications.
    • Approved SAES speakers CRALOG Academy (Denmark)
    • Approved ILO 152, ABS
  • Fire detection

    Maintenance certification Fire Detection

    SEAS carries out certifications and maintenance services for mobile fire extinguishers (water, CO2, powder), fixed extinguishing means (RIA, NOVEC, FM200, NITRO, Co2, INERGEN) and detection units.
    • Approved: ABS, Bureau VERITAS, DNV-GL, Lloyds Register
    • Standards & repositories: IMO et SOLAS.
  • Fixed & Portable Gas Detection

    Maintenance certification Fixed & Portable Gas Detection

    Assured by SEAS technicians specially trained and qualified for the detection of fixed and mobile gas, they ensure the proper functioning of power stations, audible and visual alarms, sensors, site beacons and single or multi gas detectors H2S, O2, LEL, CO, SO2, etc.
    • Partners: DRAGER, BW, TYCO, OLHDAM.
    SEAS warrants the material distributed by its sales network and after-sales service with original spare parts in stock.
  • Fixed extinction

    Maintenance certification Fixed Extinction

    SEAS is authorized to control and certify all types of fixed fire extinguishing systems: Fixed Automatic Co2, NOVEC, NITROGEN, Powder, Water, IG55, etc. Detection, servocontrol, tripping, extinguishing agent, hydraulic test ... Our interventions guarantee a preventive and curative maintenance for the good operation of the installations
    • Approved: ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV-GL, Lloyds Register, Rina
    • Standards & repositories: IMO et SOLAS
  • Hydraulic system re-testing

    Maintenance certification Hydraulic system re-testing

    SEAS certified technicians perform hydraulic tests for the periodic requalification of pressure capacities: bottles, tanks, cylinders.
  • Infiltrometry (Venti test)

    Certification Infiltrometry (venti test)

    Infiltrometry, Ventitest, Fan Door Test. All automatic fire extinguishing systems must be regularly checked to verify their performance. One of the checks is to check that the watertightness of the protected premises has not changed over time due to architectural modifications, fixtures, works, etc ... This test is called Ventitest, it is realized by means of an infiltrometer. An annual verification of the integrity of the room is recommended, either by an infiltrometer test or by a real release of extinguishing agent with measurement of the concentrations. Our technicians certified and equipped with the latest technology equipment can help you to be sure of the effectiveness of your fire extinguishing systems.
  • Insulating breathing apparatus – EEBD

    Maintenance certification Insulating Breathing Apparatus (EEBD)

    Respiratory protective devices (ARI), leakage and evacuation devices are subject to annual verification. SEAS technicians carry out checks equipped with test apparatus, air-cooled air compressor with air quality controlled online and test bench. SEAS's intervention includes maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, adjustment, overhaul, control and verification tasks. Only products specially adapted for the maintenance of breathing apparatus are used.
    • Standards and Repositories: IMO et SOLAS
    • Approved: ABS, Bureau VERITAS, DNV-GL, Lloyds Register.